Cycle Workshop service and repair Stoke Newington


    Platinum Service

    So, you really love your bike.

    Platinum Service

    What's Included

    • Aimed primarily at the enthusiast, we will spend a day working on your bike - yes, really, an entire day just on your bike!. We do all those things we do in the Gold Service but in addition, every single component is removed until we are down to the bare frame.
    • Bike will be cleaned/degreased to enable service to be carried out.
    • Having removed all components frame alignment is checked and where possible corrected
    • Head tube and bottom bracket refaced and threads retapped.
    • Derailleurs, shifters, brake calipers and levers all dismantled and serviced
    • All drive-train components will be removed from the frame for service/replacement.
    • Wheels retensioned and trued as necessary.
    • Wheels checked for rim wear, buckles and damage. If rim is 50% or less of original thickness, we'd advise you to have rim replaced and wheels rebuilt or new wheel.
    • All serviceable bearings to be stripped and regreased using new ball bearings.
    • Cones and spindles checked for wear and replaced as necessary.
    • Ensure all adjuster screws are not binding. Greased as necessary.
    • All components reassembled on to frame using correct torque settings where applicable.
    • New brake blocks/pads as necessary.
    • All cables (inner & outer) replaced.
    • Gear and brakes set for optimum performance.
    • All threads checked, cleaned and tapped as necessary.
    • All bolts and fixings checked for correct torque
    • Tyres and tubes checked and inflated to correct pressure
    • Bike road tested and signed off as being roadworthy by mechanic.


    Price excludes lubes/parts.


    Here’s a few of the other things we do. Please note that the prices quoted are for labour only and that parts used are an additional cost.

    • Repair puncture from £12.50
    • Replace spoke & retrue wheel from £11.75
    • Rebuild wheel from £30.00
    • Replace brake blocks (per brake) from £11.25
    • Replace chain from £6.00
    • Replace brake / gear cable from £11.25
    • Replace headset from £22.50
    • Pashley bike repair Stoke Newington
    • Trek service North London
    • Surly Bikes Stoke Newington


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